15:14 | 20/12/18

Paldies Nīcas etnogrāfiskajam kolektīvam un tā vadītājai Lainei Zeilei; kā arī Liepājas folkloras kopai Šaknes " un tā vadītājai Rudītei Nikolovskai par kopā sadziedāšanos
senioru svētku koncertā !!!

I wish someone had taken the time to write these t
06:39 | 22/01/19

I wish someone had taken the time to write these things down for mew to be able to go back to. My Grandmother and my mother told us many stories of what things happened in their lives and about the people in their lives. I now wish someone had written those things down since both have passed now. But I never thought at that busy point in my life that I would one day want to remember all those things. So much family history is lost when the older generations are gone. Please pass it on to your family while you can. You can even just do it digitally so it can be accessed by family later on.Family pictures are something to cherish also. Just be sure to write down who is pictured in them, where they are taken and when. I have found family pictures that no one now even knows who is in them.